Sam and Max

Sam and Max are a crime fighting duo who save the world- and who usually destroy as much stuff as possible in the process. Known as the Freelance Police they are a satire on American culture, and have a love of cheap T.V. guns, and greasy fast food. Created by Steve Purcell as a youth, they debuted in 1987 in their own comic book series, and have gone on to appear on T.V. and in Video Games.

Sam is the leader of the two and is usually the most rational of the two. Laid back and prone to long dialogues with big words, Sam tries to (unsuccessfully) fill Max's head with his overabundant wisdom. He is a canine of the genus 'Canine Shamus' and he wears a fedora with a blue-gray suit. Some of his favorite pastimes include driving recklessly with an expired license, shoplifting, shooting things and making prank calls. He has spent most of his life with Max- having known him since they were children.

Max is a "hyperkinetic rabbity thing" though he prefers to be identified as a lagomorph. He is exceptionally sadistic and prone to violence asa problem solver. His exceptionally short attention span allows him to ignore any monologues that Sam or anybody may be saying- no matter how important it may be to listen. He has also a metal plate in his head- I speculate this occurred because he was an rejected science experiment, or he was a patient where the doctor said 'oops'. He does care about his buddy Sam, but he hints darkly about taking him with him. After hearing Sam joke, 'You kill me little buddy' He once muttered 'Only if were taken alive, Sam'.

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