'Jim & Tonic, or The Adventures of Jim the Chaosbunny'

(Text copied directly from the site)

Cower in slightly sarcastic fear! The Chaosbunny is an artist by trade, geek by inclination and full-time embodiment of entropy by nature. She has no intention whatsoever of growing up, but fully intends to take over the world.

Chaosbunnies thrive on a steady diet of polka dots, tea, cuddles and intellectual discussion.

Jim and Tonic is an autobiographical web comic by Maxine Green that's been described as cute, geeky, quirky and silly, and occasionally poignant. If you're a fan of xkcd or The Devil's Panties you'll probably enjoy the humour.

The author would like everyone to know that she is *not* as girly as she might appear in the toons.

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