Grim is a character from the comic Gilbert and the Grim Rabbit.

Also known as the Grim Rabbit, she is a part time employee of the DDAL (Department of Death and AfterLife). Her first appearance in the comic was in the first page of chapter one, in a strip called 'Stalked by Death'.


Grim has a large sarcastic streak, usually saved only for her closest friends. Gilbert is the most common recipient of her sarcasm, but all of her friends receive some level of it. She appears short tempered, but for the most part this is an extension of her sarcastic nature, using the opportunity to make a comment at the expense of whoever she is shouting at. Despite this she is a good friend, willing to do almost any favour asked of her.


Grim most commonly appears wearing a black cowl, regardless of whether or not she is working. During works hours she has been known to carry to scythe.

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