Gilbert and the Grim Rabbit is a comic written and drawn by Wendy Wood.

The comic focuses on two central characters, Gilbert and Grim, the Grim Rabbit as well as a cast of various other supporting characters.



Grim, also known as the Grim Rabbit, is a pink bunny who wears a black robe and sometimes carries a scythe. She works part time as a Death for the DDAL (Department of Death and AfterLife).

(Species: Rabbit)


Gilbert is considered to be the clumsiest person on the island and is best friends with Grim. Although not the brightest of the main characters by any stretch of the imagination he means well.

(Species: Demon)


Thalia is an assistant librarian in the island's central library. She lives in a small, pink, book filled flat in the middle of town. She likes novels, Shakespeare and the colour pink. She is a close friend on Gilbert and Grim.

(Species: Demon)


A librarian at the central library, she is also the head of IT and a one person tech-support team for the library.

(Species: Cat)


Ron is an assistant librarian at the island's central library. Timid and shy, he is neither the most outgoing or lucky member of the staff. He is prone to emotional instability, but always wears a snazzy tie.

(Species: Rabbit)


William is a scientist and occasional consultant to the island's government on issues of a technological nature. He has a very large house, which is a good thing as parts are often left uninhabitable. He is the inventor of the weather machine and also a big Pink Floyd fan.

(Species: Demon)

Mr OgmaEdit

The head librarian at the central library, he is the employer of Thalia, Ron and Jessica. As is made obvious by this short list of employees, his ability to identify stable, well adjusted, reliable workers is less than exceptional.

He is most commonly referred to as 'Boss'.

(Species: Demon)


Henry moved to the island to enjoy his retirement. He lives in the main town and usually appears when on walks around the island and is always seen wearing a fedora with a feather in it.

(Species: Turtle)

Major LocationsEdit

The LibraryEdit

One of the most common locations to feature in the comic is the island's central library. It is the work place of several of the characters and is the first place where Vikings were spotted.

William's HouseEdit

William's house is another place that features heavily throughout the comic. It is a large building located just outside of the town and contains several labs and storage rooms filled with scientific equipment and old inventions. It is also the point of origin for all temporal or dimensional oddities.

Grim's HouseEdit

Located outside of the town itself, Grim's house is a small, but comfortable ragtag building surrounded by semi-wild gardens, not the type of place you'd expect Death to be living in.

Summary of ChaptersEdit

Chapter One - Introductions All RoundEdit

In chapter one the majority of the major cast members are introduced. Gilbert, Grim, William, Thalia, Mr Ogma, Jessica and the weather machine all make their first major appearances in this chapter.

Although this chapter does not have a major theme running through it, it does contain three smaller story arcs, the creation of the weather machine, Thalia getting a job at the library and the library's visit from a government consultant.

Chapter Two - The V WordEdit

The second chapter mainly revolves around the events following William employing Gilbert as his lab assistant.

As the result of an accident in the lab caused by Gilbert touching equipment he was told not to a temporal vortex is opened above the garden of William's house, the effects of which spread out across the span of the island including the appearance of Vikings in the central library.

This chapter also features a cameo by the character Buttons from Runway.

Chapter Three - Everyday LifeEdit

One average day in the life of the islanders. Gilbert and Grim practice with their band, William faces the weather machine in a battle of wits and Thalia deals with a repeated annoyance at the library.

Previous IncarnationsEdit

Gilbert and the Grim Rabbit was originally launched on 20th September 2006 hosted on a Blogspot account. At the time of it's launch the comic was a cut and paste style affair using a limited number of character templates and backgrounds. The comic continued in this form for the first thirty-seven pages before being shifted to hand drawn comics instead. After forty-eight standard pages, four Christmas specials and a number of filler pages, including some pre-dating the comic's launch, the comic stopped updating. Prior to the comic's closure the archive was transferred to a site at Smack Jeeves.

The comic was relaunched on the 16th May 2008 featuring a combination of original material and remakes of earlier work. At this time the original archive was shifted off of the main site.


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