Filler Bunny is a character created by Jhonen Vasquez, originally for his series 'Squee!'. He also has three books of his own, published between 1999 and 2005. These are 'I Fill Up 15 Pages!', 'Revenge of the Fillerbunny' and 'My Worst Book Yet!'


In Jhonen Vasquez's workEdit

As well as appearing in Vasquez's comics, Filler Bunny has made appearances in Vasquez's cartoon series Invader Zim and his music video for the Mindless Self Indulgence song "Shut Me Up".

Unofficial CameosEdit

Additionally Filler Bunny has made an appearance in the webcomic Diesel Sweeties, on a T-shirt in the movie adaptation of Scooby Doo and as a novelty keyring in a page of the webcomic Nothing Nice To Say.


Jhonen Vasquez's official website

Filler Bunny's appearance in Diesel Sweeties

Filler Bunny's appearance in Nothing Nice To Say

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