Bunny/Kiwi is a webcomic created by Philip A. Werk. There are two main characters; Butterscotch James Bunny, a bunny rabbit, and Melchizedek Jonathan Kiwi (Mel), a kiwi bird. The first strip was completed on May 14, 2007. The site is updated 3 times a week on an irregular schedule. Each update includes a color comic strip, a short newspost, and a video confessional by Mel or Butterscotch. Strips fall into two general categories; those that are centered around a single gag or punch line, and those that are part of a larger story arc. The characters Mel and Butterscotch are based on the childhood stuffed animals of the creator. These stuffed animals are featured in the video confessionals.

Main characters

Butterscotch James Bunny - Butterscotch is a sly, quick witted, and somewhat arrogant bunny rabbit. He maintains a front of animosity towards Mel which is occasionally betrayed by his underlying feelings of caring and respect.
Melchizedek Jonathan Kiwi - Mel appears to be a rather dim-witted and sometimes slow kiwi bird. In actuality, he is smarter and more insightful than he seems. He tolerates Butterscotch's persistent teasing for unknown reasons. He recently came into a $37 million fortune.
Peep - Peep is a female chicken/marshmallow who was absent at the beginning of the comic. She has returned after suffering some trauma and was possibly released from a mental institution.
Franz the Nazi Monkey - The main characters met Franz when he won the Halloween costume contest at a party that they all attended.

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