Antisoshell Prelude is a social interaction-themed webcomic by Ahmed Fahim.

Major CharactersEdit


An unusually small bunny who, due to his small size, has an unnaturally strong fear of predators. He lives in a plastic bubble for protection


A peanut. It can't really interact with the other characters at all (except for other plants) until it germinates. It moves around by rolling in its flowering pot.


A tortoise who is a bully by nature.


A hermit crab with low self-confidence who wears a old teacup instead of a shell.

Other CharactersEdit


Completely different personality than what you'd expect. Very intelligent, but just a little obnoxious.


A slug with a Southern accent and matching hospitality.

Ghost SpiderEdit

She likes to pull pranks, "talks" in emoticons, and spins webs of ectoplasm.

The SnailEdit

Pops up unexpectedly and clings without letting go. Ralph has sworn to kill it, yet it remains defiant, which naturally irks Ralph even more...


Antisoshell Website

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